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Paragliding in Kullu, Himachal

Paragliding in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh

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Paragliding in Kullu

Why its Best Choice?

Kullu is a place where people come to be part of a myriad of different experiences that call Kullu their home. A spiritual site, a serene beauty, and the most favorite adventure destination, Kullu has something for everyone. But if you wish to bring together the feel of blood rushing in your veins, head swiveling in every direction and eyes taking in the beauty around you as you bump into one rapid after another, then Go paragliding and see the world from above. Swoop and soar like Icarus, without fear.

All precautions are taken to ensure that your paragliding experience is comfortable and fun for you.
Indulge in a flight above the Beas river overlooking Kullu Valley, its mountainside, forests and the surrounding paddy fields. Head back home with some adventurous memories of your flight. The hills covered in green forests of Pine and Deodar, and the river flowing right in the center of it makes the experience even more amazing.

Types of Paraglding

Paraglding is Classified according to Difficulty Level
Paragliding in Kullu Himchal Pradesh TripTrego ..

Short Flight

Duration: 60 - 90 seconds.
Paragliding in Kullu Himchal Pradesh TripTrego .

High Flight

Duration: 10 - 15 Minutes

Is it Best Timing?

Best time to Experience

April to December
(Only on a clear sunny day)

Age Requirment

Maximum Age - Miniumum Age

Minimum Age Requirement is 12
Maximum Age Requirement is 60

Some Steals From Thrilling Experiences

Some Details About Paragliding in Kullu, Himachal

Things You Should Carry for Adventures in Himchal

Some Details About Paragliding in Kullu, Himachal

It is always a good habit to be well decked up with all necessary things that could come handy while you prep up for river rafting in Manali. Also, all the rafting cap sites are located right on the banks of the river, thus, you might not able to purchase any much-needed item right on the spot.

Below listed are some of the essentials that you should carry so as to avoid any unannounced peril.


Valid Identity Proof

It is always sensible to carry a valid Identity proof since rafting is an adventure sport, you will be required to provide your valid identity. Also, for various grades certain age bar is mandatory, thus, to have an obstacle-free Manali river rafting experience, you are expected to carry a current and valid ID proof.


All luggage to be carried in a ruck-sack

Pack light and travel light is the mantra of happy and safe travelling. Make sure that you pack everything in a backpack so that your hands are free.


A handy water bottle

Adventure sports may lead to dehydration so ensure you have an adequate amount of drinking water to keep you going. It is advisable to carry a water bottle (3 litres at least) so as to avoid any discomfort.


A Swiss/knife

Rafting in Manali is no doubt an adventure excursion – you might be at times need to inflate the raft or any other requirement. To meet the instant need of the time, a Swiss knife is something that always comes handy and is an essential commodity of an adventurer’s backpack. For a perfect adventurous experience, be prepared with all handy gears.


A Good quality and sturdy pair of walking shoes / Floaters

For adventurous activities, the first rule is to wear comfortable shoes and while rafting there is a danger of waves pulling you out of the raft. Ensure your feet are properly tucked in comfortable shoes. You will also be briefed about the appropriate footwear- so make sure you are well-prepared for any kind of requirement.


Extra pair of clothes

There is no second guessing that you will be getting thoroughly drenched; pack some extra clothing that you can put on the post you’re rafting in Manali. Make sure you pack something light such as T-shirt and shorts so that you do not face any discomfort while carrying the wet clothes back.


Sunglasses and a cap/hat

Manali is no doubt a hill-station, but daytimes might get sunny depending on the season of travel that you have opted for. It is advisable to have a proper headgear so as to protect yourself from the harsh sun.


Rain jacket

There is nothing more unpredictable than weather that too in hill-stations. It might not be the season of rain but we suggest you have everything in handy so that you enjoy your rafting experience to the core.


Waist Pouch

Instead of hunting for small-small things in your backpack, make sure you carry all your money, phones and other tiny things in a waist pouch. Also, a waist pouch reduces the risk of losing things.



There is no better way to recall a trip than by locking the moments forever on a camera film. Store all your lovely memories of river rafting in Manali in a camera – also Manali is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Himachal Pradesh, apart from rafting we are sure you would not want to miss any sightseeing excursion as well.


Any personal medication

Travelling might take a toll on your health. It is always suggested to pack all your personal medication with you. Change of a place and acclimatization with the weather might take time, thus, carry all your necessary medicines. Also, rafting might get a little dangerous depending on the grades that you are in. Carry some pain relieving sprays/ gels and antiseptic creams so as to avoid any bruises that you might encounter while participating in the activity.

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